Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy - read all about how Cookies improve your browsing experience. Sorry they're not the munching variety that works so well with a coffee!


  What are Cookies?

  • Cookies are very small text files of information that are created by websites and stored in your browser on your computer, tablet or mobile when you enter a website.  Cookies are used to improve and speed up your browsing experience by remembering if you have visited a particular website before.
  • When you return to a website, the site can access cookies to specifically identify your IP address, operating system and browser type to improve browsing.  They also recall your unique preferences on a website, help to deliver content more efficiently and optimize your overall user experience.  Ellimonelli only stores information gathered in an encrypted format for the sole purpose of providing a comprehensive and personalised shopping experience for you.  Under no circumstances will information be used for advertising purposes or be provided to third parties.
  • For example, cookies can be used to deliver recommendations specific to you, allow you to revisit a site and continue processing an incomplete order or enable you to share information with social media sites.  Please note that we will not store personal information such as your credit card details.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies are safe for any of your devices but if you choose to disable cookies, this may affect your browsing and shopping experiences.  However, it is fairly easy to disable cookies by going to settings in your different browsers and follow the instructions.  (Help, Tools or Edit Menus).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses cookies to gather data on behalf of a website for analytical purposes to assist in improving your shopping experiences and for system administration.  The cookies provide relevant information such as the number of visits you make to a site and how long you spend on specific pages.  This information will help to determine your browsing trends and patterns.  The information collected does not provide any information about yourself.  Only lst party cookie information is collected by us that will remain within the Ellimonelli domain.  No information will be passed to 3rd parties.